Aesthetic Soap/Shampoo Dispensers: Why Did I Buy?

This is definitely not one of my better buys, mostly trying to solve a problem with an unrelated solution.


These are “aesthetic” plastic dispensers. They come in a pack of three for Lorem ipsum ₱212, that’s around ₱70 per bottle. Each bottle is 500 ml, and you would compare this to big shampoo bottles that are around 850ml. The main bottle without the height of the nozzle) is 16.5cm tall and is 6.5cm in diameter.

The bottle itself is a cylindrical shape and it tops off to the nozzle. The main body is a pearl white, with a gold collar, and a white nozzle.

The nozzle works exactly as it should, it can be locked by depressing it and screwing it in. The straw to bring up liquids is long enough and will get most of the liquid you refill into the bottle.


As a price guide, if you’re on retail and on online shopping sites, you should expect these prices:

₱50- ₱100: 500ml plastic bottles

₱100 and up: 500ml glass bottles

₱300 and up: 500 ml ceramic bottles

As you would expect, there are many designs, from plain transparent ones to the “aesop” look (this is the amber glass look reminiscent of old laboratories).

The biggest question really is why you would buy this. And yes, this is a really big question in my head as I look back at the purchase right now.

The first might be a bit more frivolous, but it’s the usual aesthetic thing. In my case, I was trying to reduce visual clutter in my bathroom. You know how it looks like right? You have different products: a facial soap, a conditioner, a shampoo, and a body wash. These will all come in different sizes, shapes and colors.

The second is supposed to be more environmentally friendly, but there’s the irony that I just ended up buying another set of bottles. Really the best thing to have done is to recycle what I already had. But to push the idea, you get small environmental gains from either, 1) buying in bulk in plastic pouches (the plastic used is smaller per liter if you buy in bulk vs buying the same volume in several containers), or 2) and even better, using a refill center (both Unilever and Human Nature have these services).


Giving the devil his due, both goals, reducing visual clutter and the potential to be environmentally friendly, are both fulfilled by the product. My shower area actually is visually cleaner (when I bought these bottles, I was having this weird issue with the marble tiles I had). Practically, the size is a good one, it’s not bulky and fits a small shower caddy well.

And, the potential to be environmentally friendly is there (at least moving forward and having forgiven the additional purchase of plastic), as long as I end up refilling the bottle.


The first is a more practical one, and it is that they all look the same, so you will have to put some sort of label. Other buys on the online shopping sites come with these labels, so consider those. Second, is the environmental issue, we really shouldn’t be buying even more plastic than we must. The last consideration is just a personal one that in hindsight it’s a frivolous buy.


■□□□ Still questioning my motivations for the purchase

As you can tell, I’m very torn about the purchase as I look back at it. To be fair, it solves visual clutter issues and if you have a small space issue (which I did not have in the shower area) this is a solution. However, in the grander scheme it turned out to be an unnecessary buy for me that is bad for the environment.

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