The Categories

Basta sa Bahay is arranged based on typical pinoy house. Here's what we write about: 


Garahe or garage is where we keep our cars, tools and gym equipment. We like the active healthy lifestyle so how do we tone our muscles and get good cardio? How do we maintain our cars? All of that is here.

Kusina't Kainan

The kitchen and dining room are often thought to be the heart of any house. Adulting requires the skill of learning how to feed yourself HEALTHILY. So let’s make our dishes a bit more sophisticated while not stressing so much. And of course, how to keep this very busy place clean and organized.


Bedrooms are where we rest and recharge. We want to keep these rooms serene and calm, free of stress and distractions. We write about good and bad mattresses, sheets that keep cool, and anything that will help us get the best sleep.


Sala or living room is one part of the house where we often gather. So let's discuss how we can make ourselves comfortable as we have friends over, or even just gather to watch a movie. Interior design tips included.


Banyo or bathroom discusses one of the most personal parts of the house. Need to know how to keep it clean and fresh smelling? Want to DIY an easy plumbing repair? This section might be able to help you!

Likod Bahay

Likod Bahay, or backyard is anything you do at the back of the house. We discuss pets, gardening, laundry, and cleaning. Plantitos and plantitas are sure to love this section, but we also tackle the mundane tasks of laundry.


In Bayarin or expenses, we tackle the more financial aspect of keeping a household. What's the easiest way to pay utilities? What should you consider when choosing a credit card? What are easy and stress-free investments? These are just some questions we tackle.

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