About Us

Basta sa Bahay writes to you from the middle of Metro Manila, traversing the same issues that urbanites face. Adulting is hard, especially when you have more responsibility in maintaining the household on a middle class salary, but as people, we must strive to get better.


Established August 2021, the website was the product of making decisions with hard-earned money. We made big purchases by running comparatives on spreadsheets. Why not share this with more people? Hence the website. 


Ultimately, we want to help people live better lives: to go through the mundane stuff of everyday living as efficiently but at the same time as stress-free as possible, so that we can spend time on the things that matter: family and friends, spirituality and growth.


The site aims to become a go-to for people to make economical decisions by giving detailed reviews and buying guides for the everyday consumer. It aims to be a helpful and honest source of the adult things we have to do: interact with financial institutions, apply for government documents and privileges, and the many other processes and applications we need in order to upgrade our lives.

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