Murang Electric Fan: super tipid sa kuryente!

Ang gusto ko talaga, high-quality DC fan because of low wattage (most electric fans are AC na mas mataas talaga wattage). Yun nga lang, sobrang mahal pa ng branded DC fans kasi ngayon lang siya nauuso, ₱4,000 or more. So I chose the cheapest stand fan as temporary solution---satisfied customer here!


Cheap electric fan with stand but no oscillation, no speed setting and no cage. Kayang i-adjust ang angle at height, at dahil sobrang light niya, easy na i-transfer kung saanman. Also very easy to assemble and low shipping because it's so light and can be packed in a small box. Blades form a 16-inch diameters, which is on-par with the medium fans of the big brands.

Not the prettiest appliance with its cheap plastic build. Comes in blue and green also.

Knobs to loosen-tighten for both height and angle adjustment. At its highest, blade is around 44 inches from the ground.

Stand with weights and foam grippers attached using adhesive: makes fan reasonably stable.


1. Sobrang mura niya: 258 lang. I only spent ₱1000 and all 4 rooms have fans. The other fans of this price class are:
  • same make but with a clip instead of a fan. Choosing this depends on your setup talaga: I needed a floor fan for my purposes since desk space is important to me, and I wanted to be able to move and position the fan based on different situations
  • electric fans with rechargeable battery. I really didn't want a rechargeable fan, but again this can be useful din naman.
  • small and foldable fans: the biggest issue is that these fans need to be close to you
2. Tipid sa kuryente. This is a big deal:

 Pedestal Fan   Usual na Electric Fan 
 Wattage  15 Watts  50 Watts
 1-Year Electric Bill* ₱530 ₱1,767
*10 hours araw-araw
3. Malakas ang hangin: wind is still strong across 3 meters.
4. Halos di kailangang linisin: there is no cage that gathers dust.


1. No oscillation, no speed setting.
2. Walang cage: dangerous for kids. 
3. May noise talaga
4. Hindi maporma: almost zero aesthetic: cheap plastic all throughout.
5. Gumagalaw yung fan across the floor. Product comes with foam grippers that you attach, but if your floor is slippery, medyo gumagalaw pa din siya. Can be resolved by buying rubber grippers and making the fan a bit heavier.
6. Fan can topple over if placed at the maximum height and the floor where its legs are is not flat, again this can be solved by adding more weight. For me, I have my fans at the lowest height, since I can just adjust the angle anyway.


□ Pwede na
Malaking bagay ang tipid sa kuryente dahil halos whole day ito ginagamit. Think about the savings you will have in a year due to the wattage difference to most big-brand fans. Ma-i-ignore yung no oscillation and no speed setting dahil tig-isa namang electric fan ngayong work-from-home, at malakas naman. Again, with its price, people can have their own fans, especially if in different rooms. Yung noise ay makakasanayan, lalo na sa akin na nagpapatugtog ng music o nasa online meeting naman; just think of it as white noise. Kahit plastic na plastic, hindi naman ito yung magiging focus ng room dahil hindi siya malaking appliance. Ang pinaka-deal breaker yung kawalan ng cage, lalo na kung may mga baby at toddler. Otherwise, pwedeng-pwede na ito. I think of it as a temporary solution until low-wattage high quality DC fans (35-watts that are of this writing 4000 and above) are available

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