Home Gym Means no More Excuses!

I go into detail for each of these parts in separate posts, and I include a buying guide for each as there are many things to consider. This post will focus mainly on the packages out there, also in support of our local gym supply stores (I was surprised by all available choices on Lavada, Shopee, Instagram and Facebook). All the Instagram accounts I have here were quick to respond to my inquiries
  1. Olympic Bar and Weights: ₱15,500: go for an Olympic bar for stability, rubberized plates are a non-negotiable
  2. Bench: ₱3,120: stay away from multifunctional benches as these are less stable
  3. Squat/ Bench Press Rack: ₱3,390: Consider the space your are committing too for full and half racks
  4. Gym mat flooring: ₱3,530: thickness is key
TOTAL: ₱25,360


In general, most stores will give very competitive packages, just be careful as these are NOT apples-to-apples packages.





DIY package (from lazada etc / sariling sikap)


  • squat rack 
  • 7ft 20kg Olympic bar
  • adjustable bench
  • 4 1x1 gym mats
  • 5-20kg bumper plates

(-) basic squat rack only



  • half squat rack 
  • Ritfit foldable bench 
  • 2.5-15 kg tri-grip plates 
  • 7ft 20 kg Olympic bar

(+) half squat rack already 

(-) no 20 kg tri-grip plates

total workout


  • power cage with top and bottom pulley, pulldown bar and others
  • 7ft 15kg Olympic bar
  • adjustable bench
  • 6 1x1 gym mats
  • 2.5-10kg tri grip plates

(+) power cage already!! 

(-) no 15 and 20 kg plates

Gymbuddy ph


  • half squat rack
  • heavy duty foldable bench
  • 2.5-20 kg tri grip plates
  • 7ft 20kg Olympic bar

(+) half rack already 

(+) full set of weights

Just a few notes on understanding and deciding between the packages.
  • Note what your non-negotiables are, and what features are just "potentially" useful. This is the same advice when buying anything: you are spending more when you buy something you don't need, even if at a discounted price.
  • Consider the space and assembly required for the big options, like the half racks and the power cages
  • Shipping for the packages is definitely cheaper than my DIY option. Remember that I pay for shipping for each of the items as these come from different stores. If you are within the Metro, most stores selling packages will actually throw in free shipping.
  • The total workout package is a really good package given the power cage that comes included, but they make up for it by dropping the most expensive plates needed, and remember that the 15kg and the 20kg pairs total to more than ₱7k.
  • And finally, caveats that, one, these are prices as of writing, and two, I know that I do miss out some details for a full comparison. This is true for the benches for example, it's different when you actually see the benches. These Instagram stores are more than willing to answer your inquiries, so feel free to contact them.


I will use the verdict section to explain my final choice in my own situation. We will all have needs specific to us, and it's very important not to stray too far from that. 

First, I use what's called the 5 by 5 workout, that basically revolves around the Olympic barbell for squats, bench presses and the deadlift. This means that I don't need a lot of other machines, but I am very specific about needing a rack for both the squats and the bench presses. Second, I don't have a lot of space, and even the space that I have for my home gym, I will need to clear from time to time. 

Initially, I was very tempted by the gymbuddy_ph package, but it was clear to me that I did not want a half-rack (and much more, I did not need a power cage) due to my space constraints. So despite it being a very cheap offering, I decided to go for a DIY.

So given that, having done 2 months with the gym, it's a game changer. I have no excuses for my workouts, and I can get in small tasks in between my sets (I usually cook my post-workout meals). Finally, the economic comparison, my family would spend ₱5k per month for Anytime Fitness, I would break even after 5 months with my home gym (but again specific to how we went to the gym before: we did not attend classes and did not use most of the other machines).

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