Simple Weight Bench is the Way to Go

For my purposes, simpler is better for weight benches. This means the less moving parts, the better. This is because for my main use, the bench press, it has to be very stable.

The Product

Lazada had choices for "High-quality", "Multifunctional", and "Standard". I ordered the "High-quality" version for ₱3,120. 

Black leather-like fabric on the support and seat.
Back support can be adjusted for different inclines by loosening a screw and moving the attachment along the diagonal. There is an adjustable junction between the support and seat because the whole bench can be folded and put away.

The seat can also be adjusted for different inclines again by loosening the screw and moving the attachment along the diagonal support. Comes with a foot fulcrum and attachments for the elastic bands it comes with.

Assembly is more or less easy as it involves only 4 thick bolts, but you will need to put in effort to tighten these.


  • The simple, non-adjustable bench: good if you only need to do flat bench presses, very cheap and usually very stable due to lack of moving parts
  • The cheaper multi-functional benches: good if plan to do the many exercises, but usually not stable due to many moving parts. There are also a lot of parts that block movement and make it a bit harder to get on.
  • Inclined bench with no other features: the product of this review 
  • Bench with barbell rack: good if the bench press is the main exercise for you, but I needed a separate rack for BOTH bench press and squat. 
At the ₱2k to ₱4k I wouldn't trust the multifunctional benches since the moving parts usually means less stability. Hence, I would only go for the flat non-adjustable bench, or the inclined bench with no other features. I saw some good ₱4k to ₱7k range options: it would be at this price point that I buy the multi-functional ones as these are usually high-grade and very stable.


Black leather-like fabric looks good, and there were no tears or folds. Inclines for both back support and seat are useful. The bench is stable and does not wobble once you really tighten the screws (see Ang Hindi OKAY part regarding this). The feet are wide and thick. Though not a big deal for me, the bench can be folded and kept away, especially since it is light. Other benches with more features (like a leg press) make getting on more difficult. This is a simple bench that does all it needs to do.

Ang Hindi OKAY

At first assembly, the bench was unstable, and I had to really tighten ALL four of the bolts to solve this problem (don't forget to put washers!). There is a slight angle of the seat relative to the back support (read: the two are slightly misaligned), but it is not noticeable when you are actually lying on it. I could do without the folding feature to make the bench even more stable. Elastic bands have very little resistance: for me they are practically useless.


□ Pwede na

As mentioned, I could do without some features like the stow away folding and the bands. And I wish it were easier to make the bench stable: I really had to tighten the bolts to do so, and the very slight misalignment of the back support and seat does irk me a bit knowing it’s there. But for its price, it is good enough because I can get a good stable bench press and it looks good. The incline adjustments also work well.

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