Squat/ Bench Press Rack that's easy to move

I was really tempted to get a half rack because it was what I was used to (I used to go to the commercial gym clubs), but I didn't want to commit to the space that it requires (physically and visually) and how difficult it would be to move around. This squat rack is a good compromise.


Rack is good and sturdy.
For squats, the Olympic bar goes on top of the two upright bars. These need to be lowered to get bench press height. Rubber cover for the catches so you don't have metal scratching against metal.

Yellow guard bars so that the barbell doesn't crush you. Foam surface to dampen sound. Comes with a pin to adjust the height. Goes on the lower thicker portion of the vertical supports using the back pin holes.

Goes on the higher thinner portion of the vertical supports using the middle pin holes. 

Horizontal bar connecting the uprights bars is adjustable. Makes the rack stable.

Bars for plate weights.


  • squat rack: Comes as two height-adjustable vertical bars that are either separate or connected at the base. This cheapest version is also the most convenient to move and needs less space commitment.
  • half rack: two vertical bars are horizontally connected at the base and the top (top can be used securely for pull-ups). More heavy-duty so it is heavier and more difficult to move around.
  • full rack or power cage: 4 vertical bars now form a cage. Provides a lot of support as guard bars are supported on both ends. Usually comes with more functions like pulleys, dip bars and others. Full commitment of space.


Squat rack is stable and heavy duty. Horizontal connecting bar allows adjustment of the distances between the two verticals while keeping the rack stable. This is important because I prefer a wide space so I can use different grip widths when squatting or doing bench presses. Other cheaper squat racks have separate vertical bars that need to be positioned and aligned; this squat rack does not have that problem. It's easy to adjust both the guard bars and the vertical bars (just pull out the pins). Small details are much appreciated, guard bars come with a foam surface so barbells don't make as much noise when landing. Vertical catches have a rubber covering for the same purposes. This squat rack is very easy to move around. Half racks take up more space visually and physically, and I didn't want to make the room where this would go small.

Ang Hindi OKAY

The guard bar and vertical supports are not standard, so you are stuck with what you have. In gym clubs, I'm used to have both a guard bar and the olympic bar hooks that are easily adjusted for squat and bench press height. For these I use a static setup where the height of the vertical supports are at squat level, and I use the guard bar as the bench press level support. This is a convenient setup to avoid having to unscrew the pins for the height adjustment. Ideally the olympic bar hooks or catches are easier to adjust. The bar for plate weights are angled weirdly that they can't put bumper plates as there is no space.


□ Pwede na

Off the bat, it does not have the standard features of a half rack, and it certainly isn't as stable. However, the space commitment that a half rack and a power cage requires was a tipping point. As such, this serves the purpose.

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