Olympic Bar and Bumper Plates package is quality

My main goal is to do squats, bench presses and deadlifts with progressive and ultimately heavy weights. I spent on a quality Olympic bar and a weight set of pairs of 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 20 kg.


I bought the 20-kg Olympic bar and weight set for ₱15,500 from an Instagram store.

The Olympic bar is 7 feet and 20 kilograms of solid build. Portion of the bar for plates is ribbed to prevent slipping.

Bar comes with the usual grip guides (less shiny part).

All the plates are the standard 45cm in diameter with a 2" hole, and are all black. Thickness increases as weight.

When first unboxed, the rubber smell is strong, but this is a comfort to me since it was telling me that these are more quiet and safer plates.


Choose the right bar for your purposes. Note how bars have weights, so you end up with a default weight already without any plates. The weight of bar also usually means it can carry more weight from plates you will load on it. The Olympic bars have a "safety feature" where they won't tip over on the rack when you load one side. Since you will usually load one side first, if you put a 20 kg on one side of a standard bar, it is going to tip over. The 20kg Olympic bar has more room for error: you can load a 20kg plate on one side without fear of having it tip over.

This carries over to how it feels on you. Personally, a 20kg olympic bar feels more stable on a squat or bench press because there's weight on both sides already.


Max Weight

Hole  size

Approximate Price

Standard barbell bar


1-inch hole


15kg olympic bar


2-inch hole


20 kg olympic bar


2-inch hole


There are also many kinds of plates, and  you'll also have to choose what suits you best. To explain, bumper plates are known to be the safest to drop. They are all the same diameter, so all the weights would hit the floor at the same time. Plates with different diameters stress the bar unevenly. However, bumper plates often don't have grips.




Approximate Price* (5, 10, 15, 20-kg set)

Bumper Plate

Rubberized, generally safer since can be dropped, not noisy

Harder to carry since all weights are the same diameter

₱ 12,500

Tri-grip Rubber Plates

Rubberized, easy to carry due to grips, lighter weights are smaller, not noisy

Slightly less safe to drop since not the same size

₱ 10,000

Cast Iron

Cheap,  lighter weights are smaller

less safe to drop since not the same size, noisy, no rubber means it can scratch

₱ 8,000

*plate pricing is very variable, so these values are more approximate than usual

Make sure the bar matches the plates in terms of the holes. There are many 1" plates of the same weight as 2" plates.


Olympic bar is quality. It feels very stable on my shoulders during squats, and there's less risk of tipping over when loading.

Plates are quiet and feel safe and softer due to rubber coating.

Ordering as a package was convenient as they were delivered together and come out cheaper.


Bumper plates usually don't have handles so you'll have to squeeze-grip them to hold them. I would also have preferred colored plates.


 Good buy

This is a straightforward verdict as the bar and the plates fulfill my needs exactly. Color and grips are just not a priority.

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