Budget Carpet: Getting What You Pay for

Placing a carpet is one of those big changes you can do to a room. My bedroom’s floor is big white tiles, and as it was before, it needed some warmth. I ended up buying a budget carpet because my initial thinking was that the bed was going to cover it anyway.


The carpet is .75mm thick, 7feet by 10feet and cost me ₱3000.

The surface of the carpet is a synthetic fabric that doesn’t weaken with water and can easily be cleaned. The fabric is durable, and you cannot see any threads: what you have is a printed design. I chose a woven design that goes from light to dark blue as you go from the center to the edges. Pixels can be noticed upon close inspection. 

It is rubberized under so that the carpet does not slip along the floor.

The edge is threaded thick and sturdy.


So, in the class of carpets that are less than ₱5000, you will have the following:

Thailand carpet (3D Thailand): this is the product being reviewed, and it is a sturdy carpet. They sell the following sizes: 5x6 Feet, 6x8 Feet, and 7x10 Feet. They have many designs all of which are printed, some hit some miss, and lacking in more minimalist designs. 

Fluffy carpet (Korean Fluffy): soft threads give a fluff, but the threads are delicate

Bathroom rug type: this is just a bigger version of the rather thin bathroom rug, and this tends to be very flimsy and tears easily.

This Thailand carpet is the sturdiest at this price point among these three.


It’s a durable carpet because of the synthetic fabric, and I have no fears placing my queen bed on top of it. I like that it can be easily cleaned. Without any fluffy threads, it’s actually very easy to sweep any dirt that gathers, though it’s not the type to collect dust anyway. It’s also not heavy and very easy to handle. That you can get a carpet of this size at a low price is really it’s selling point. Because of the weight, shipping fee is not high.

The carpet fits under the bed like this:

Good interior design suggests that good proportion of the bed to the carpet is necessary. Make the carpet too small and you fail to “rest” the bed on a surface that is big enough to “support” it. Make the carpet too big and you “drown” the bed. Analogies aside, relative size needs to be considered. The 7 feet by 10 feet size is a good fit with my queen bed.


I think it’s the design I chose that I don’t like so much, particularly because it mimics a woven pattern, and it becomes apparent that it isn’t upon close inspection. The seller has many designs, and I think a less “ambitious” design would make it less of an issue.


■■■□ Pwede na

The way I think about it is that I have it under my bed, so I cover most of it anyway. Given this, I wouldn’t want to spend too much on a carpet for this purpose. In the 6 months that I’ve had it, I’ve spilled juice on it, and I got it off easily. It doesn’t collect dust, and it’s easy to sweep. This is not one of those soft fluffy carpets that feels soft to the touch, but in the morning, it provides a warm surface to step out of bed. All of this make the one big issue, the faux design, a small one.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/PinakaMurangCarpetWorldwide/

This is one of many facebook pages that sell these carpets, and they are quite responsive with inquiries. 

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