DIY Mesh Cube Shelves: Leaves You Wanting for Stability

 In theory, modularity is a good thing, but if it comes at the price of quality, it should be reconsidered. These DIY mesh cube shelves suffer from this issue.


These modular mesh cube shelves comprise square sides formed by a wire mesh. Each side measures 35cm by 35cm. Wires are 5cm’s apart. Hence anything that can fit into a 5cm by 5cm space will fall through. The mesh wires are medium thick, but are still bendable. These are a matte black cover, and due to being only made of wires are pretty light.

These are meant to form a cube with mesh sides on 5 of the 6 sides. The last side is open so contents can be put inside. Sides are connected using a circular connector (made of very hard plastic) with grooves to snap in the corners of the mesh grid sides. Once snapped in, some force is required to pull it out. In general, the mechanism is secure that it can be formed as a fairly stable structure, but easy enough to undo should you want to change its arrangement.

From one cube, you can build more by adding more sides, and it’s really up to you as to how many rows and columns you want. Laid out like this, it’s possible for a space to have only 4 mesh sides instead of 5, provided that adjacent spaces use 5 sides. The lattice structure is able to stabilize a 4-sided space.

A set of 20 sides costs ₱1,389. This can be stretched to a shelf arranged as 3 x 3 cubes.


These are shelves of the same class price:

Pipe Wardrobes: These are assembled shelves/ wardrobes where the borders are made of pipes that are connected by plastic angle connectors. Surfaces are made by a cloth that is pulled taught between the pipes. The pipes are prone to bending.

MDF Shelves: These are bought already assembled, and have some weight due to the MDF boards. Because of the material, the laminate can sometimes peel off and expose the grains.


They are a cheap solution to get sizeable shelf storage. As long as you are okay with the cube unit, you can make it as tall or as wide as you want it (though at more than 5 cubes high it gets unstable already). This flexibility is very welcome. Looks-wise the black gives an industrial look that doesn’t look bad.


This product’s biggest issue is the cube unit’s design limitations, this means first, that anything longer than 35cm’s will not fit horizontally or vertically. And second, because of the spaces in the sides, you’ll have to add boxes or some form of continuous surface in order to store smaller contents. Contents in general are exposed.

Another issue is a quality one. The mesh wires do get bent, so there’s a limitation on the weight that it can carry. Clothes are fine but heavy items, an aquarium for example, are out of the question. You’ll also notice that the shelf unit does sway slight if it gets hit for example.


■■□ Does its function, but has stability issues.

There are issues on how the mesh sides are too open and that the wires can be bent, and that as a whole, it’s not a very stable shelving unit. True, its modularity is good, but in houses, it’s not likely to be reassembled again and again. Both aesthetically and stability-wise, unless you want to lean into it in an industrial look, you’ll find yourself wanting to replace it for a more stable and more solid looking shelfing unit.

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