Magic Broom Might Be the Best Solution Against Mold and Mildew

Yes, it’s a broom that helps against mold and mildew. And it’s a lot better than any bleach, spray or foaming solution against this because of one simple reason.


Really, it’s just a broom. Its rod is 72 cm, 92 cm with the sweeper included. One end of the handle has a hole to hang it.

It’s the sweeper that makes it unique. Instead of bristles, you have a squeegee. This is 30 cm wide and is made of a flexible but durable rubber.

The broom comes in three parts: 1) handle with hanging hole, 2) main rod (this is 2 short tubes screwed together), and 3) squeegee/sweeper.


Walis tambo (filipino traditional broom): This is made of fibers of palm leaves. This broom is very light, but the bristles are prone to come off. You will start with a very bushy and thick bristle that will over time get thinner and thinner. At some point you will have to replace it. Dust and hair get caught on the bristles.

Plastic broom: This is similar to a walis, but instead of fibers, you have plastic. These bristles are a bit more rigid, so you have some scraping action that you can get out of it. However, the bristles will still come off at some point. The broom is also very light. Dust and hair get caught on the bristles.

Magic broom: This is the subject of this review. It lasts longer since it has no bristles. It is also more adaptable since it can be used on both wet and dry surfaces. The sweeping action is a bit different though because you have more adhesion to the surface. The two previous brooms lightly brush across the surface. This broom touches it tightly, mostly to sweep all of the water/ dirt closely. Because of this, you use a bit more force using the magic broom. Dust and hair do not get caught on the bristles, and it is very easy to clean the sweeper.

Each has its own use really, but I think the magic broom is the most adaptable.  


So to finally get to it, this water broom is the most effective against molds and mildew because it can prevent it. I keep a water broom in the bathroom and everytime I take a shower or use the toilet, I make it a point to use the broom to sweep any water into the drain. While we may be used to letting the bathroom dry on its own, it does take some time. In some cases, that’s just enough for mold and mildew to develop. Because of squeegee sweeper, one sweeping action of each area is enough to dry the floor. when left for 2 minutes. And while I still do have to clean for mold and mildew, it is very rare if I sweep the bathroom floor of water.

This broom can get a clean sweep on both dry and wet surfaces. It’s also very easy to clean (just running water through it can get the job done), and hair and dust do not get stuck on it in the way it does on bristled brooms.


One big difference with traditionals brooms which feel light when sweeping, is that because of the squeegee, you use a bit more force using the magic broom: there’s friction with the surface. Add to that the fact that the squeegee blade might be short relative to the floors you have to sweep: other brooms have the advantage of how big of an area they can cover with one sweep. You’ll also find a problem with how it doesn’t come with a dustpan. And, when comparing it to a mop, which absorbs, using the squeegee broom with wet surfaces, requires that you have access to a drain on that surface, otherwise, you would just be moving water around.


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■■■□ Good situational buy

This is a good situational buy. For the very specific purpose of quickly drying floors by sweeping water into a drain, it works really well (just a few sweeping actions are needed). Generally, it’s true that it can be used for both wet and dry surfaces, but there are better alternatives, though they’re different for each of the wet and dry surface situation.

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