Mandaue Foam Aesthetic Planters: A Very Good Look

 Here we go again: another aesthetic buy, this time a modern planter from one of the Mandaue Foam home stores.


These are aesthetic plastic planters, that come in “canvas” colors (matte black, mint green, midnight blue, and light brown). The midnight blue I chose is a good subtle color, and the matte makes its plastic material less obvious. I bought some of the following sizes: large (30cm diameter x 28cm height for ₱315), medium (25cm diameter x 23cm height for ₱168), and small (20cm diameter x 19cm height for ₱119). The plastic is a slightly flexible type (as opposed to hard rigid plastic) and is quite thin. It seems durable, but it is still the type that will crack given a very strong force. These are very light.

So as expected, these are nice looking planters, think of them as anti-hardware plastic planters that tend to look “cheap”. The most interesting feature is its twist-to-lock catch saucer. This means that you won’t need to purchase a separate catch saucer, and moreover, it is attached to the main pot, and produces a seamless shape (you’ll just notice the line that forms where saucer starts). The main pot tapers has a smaller diameter in this lower part, that is covered by catch saucer.


Planters will come in many shapes and material:

  • Clay pots: These are actually the healthiest pots for plants. I would say these are a requirement for succulents and other plants that are prone to root rot. Clay pots are water-permeable, so when you water, moisture seeps into the clay itself, allowing that water to dry via the outside. Do note however that painted clay pots do lose some of this quality. The biggest disadvantage of these is how breakable (one drop and it shatters) and heavy they are.
  • Ceramic planters: These are on the expensive side due to their material, but they do look good. They give that artisanal look. They suffer from similar issues to clay pots, being breakable and heavy. They are not breathable.
  • Plastic planters: These are cheap, but just note to watch out for pots that go against the popular aesthetic. Most plastic planters you will buy from the hardware will curl outward at the top (the lip), and will have these grooves in the body. Some plastic planters will look more minimalist. Some will consider it advantage that they crack rather shatter (I have some plastic planters that are cracked but are useable). They are also light. Finally note that these do not have permeable sides and will make plants more prone to root rot.


I really like how these planters look. The clean lines and the matte color are winning choices. The largest of these actually hold a bit more volume than the Ramgo counterparts just because the latter taper off that the bottom circumference becomes quite small to the top. I was glad to find big aesthetic planters as these are the most uncommon ones. These Mandaue Foam planters are almost cylindrical (they still have that slight taper though so you can stack them inside each other.


You’ll have to take care of these to make sure they don’t crack. The thin plastic will just need some care. Also, if you decide to put in plants prone to root rot, just be very wary to NOT overwater.


■■■□ Good purchase

I was glad to find these, especially the largest size. At this size, I would say these are on par with online shopping prices for worse looking ones. I was pleasantly surprised with the twist to lock catch saucers. I’m reflecting on why I feel better with his product vs. the shampoo/ liquid soap dispensers, and I think mainly it’s because these planters have a bigger impact on the look of a room.

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