Silicon Food Storage Bags: The Ref/Freezer Food Keeping Solution

This is one way to be smart about how you organize your freezer. You want to be able to take out ingredients in the exact quantity that you want to cook, not more and not less. These silicon bags are exactly for that.


These silicon bags are 20cm x 18 cm and cost ₱100 per bag. Liquids-wise, they are meant to hold 1000mL. They are made of silicon, meant to withstand both heat and cold, hence there use as food storage for the ref or freezer. Without any contents, these fold flat, and are easily stored.

The silicon material is thick and elastic. The bags come in many different colors, and there are measurement markings for liquids on one side of these bags.

The bags seal using a separate hard plastic slider. This is slid over both sides of the opening on top, and it squeezes the two sides together to create a seal. Water does not leak when sealed like this. There is also a small protrusion for a hole, so you can hang the bags on a hook.

It's also worth mentioning, that it can stand on its own when liquid is contained in it, the bottom part flattens out to give support.


There are many storage solutions for the fridge and freezer.

Plastic or glass food boxes (Tupperware): These are the most common. There are several issues. When plastic, these break at some point. The cheapest kind cannot seal for liquid, though are good at keeping smells in. Finally, they are also quite difficult to store when not in use.

Acrylic boxes: This has gained popularity, and give an aesthetic look to your organization. Depending on the make, these can also break. Some are also open boxes, and cannot seal in smells.

Other silicon bags: There are other silicon bags that have a built-in sealing mechanism (no separate plastic sealer). Do note that the silicon bag of this review is thick silicon, while other silicon/plastic bags are quite thin. Do buy based on your use, since I don't need this thick silicon as much as I thought I would (I don't often store liquids).


I really like these silicon bags. Material-wise, the silicon is great. It’s thick and is near-impossible to tear. It’s stretchable so it can take different sizes of food, and it also means that if you don’t need to store a lot inside, you can compact it, so it doesn’t take much space. Finally, it’s actually one of the easiest materials to clean. I find that plastic Tupperware is very difficult to clean of oil; these are not.

These have helped me by letting me store the exact amount needed for meals. So for example, when I get home from doing groceries, I don’t put in the whole package of bacon or hotdogs directly into the freezer. I separate them in portions just enough for one meal of my household. The effect of this is profound. If I am in hurry, I can actually defrost it in the microwave (the bags are microwave-safe), but in general, I can just take out that portion, and I wouldn’t be doing so for any portions that I will not use: this saves a LOT of electricity.


There are 2 issues with these bags. The first is for the sliders that go on top used to seal these bags. These are quite easy to break. To be honest, I actually rarely use these. I just fold the bags into themselves to get the seal.

The second, is about its use. So because it is quite flexible and does not have a fixed shape, you’ll have trouble with some foods that need care when storing. Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to put a slice cake for example.


■■□□ Good buy but there are better alternatives

I am very satisfied with these silicon bags: they’re very durable and easy to clean, and they are a great way to store most raw meats and other foods for the ref and fridge. There are slight issues, one being that you can’t store the kind of foods that need care. But there are alternatives of more or less the same material and design, with the one big difference that the seal is built-in: those might be a better buy.

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