White Bamboo Sheets: Breathable and Silky-Soft

Want to know what the fuss about bamboo sheets is? I bought these sheets not knowing to expect.

Also, if you need help navigating the many different sheets available (like when is a polyester blend the best, etc.) we have a buying guide here.


This is a 100% organic bamboo fitted sheet from La Casa Ph that goes for ₱1790 (unfortunately, it’s a lot cheaper during double digit sales, and I missed buying these sheets during the sale). It’s a queen size so it’s 60” by 80”. It’s an all-white color, and as you spread it out, it does seem a bit transparent. While it does form creases over time, this isn’t so apparent because of the white color. It has a thread count of 300, so this makes sense.

The sheets themselves feel silky and soft. Some sheets are a bit rough, but it is both a function of bamboo thread as a material and the weave, that these sheets feel like they slide under you. As for how they are soft, this is a characteristic of bamboo threads as well. When you first lie on it, it feels cool, and over time you’ll feel that it is breathable.

Testing how it takes moisture, it can easily absorb water.


There is a separate Basta sa Bahay buying guide for sheets here. We discuss in length material and other considerations for buying sheets, though we emphasize that material will be what determines your choice. Really quickly, Bamboo is a very durable thread so much so that you can have a lower thread count as cotton and have it remain as durable. It’s also a bit softer than cotton in many cases. Finally, threads are a bit thinner (versus linen for example), and that adds to its breathability.

Most common bedsheets are cotton of course, and you’ll have polyester-cotton as the most common blend. The buying guide goes through this as well, but to discuss it really quickly, polyester allows for more durable sheets and for bright colors to stay, while cotton will be the reliable material that is in the middle of being breathable, durable and soft.


For bed sheets, a lot of this is going to be about preference, so just keep this in mind. The biggest draw when I was about to buy these sheets was the breathability, and it does just that. The claim of the product description is that it’s 3 degrees cooler than regular cotton, but to be transparent, certain weaves and preparations of cotton can be just as cool. But having tried it, I can say that I like the texture of these sheets. Again the product description claims that a 3000 thread count is equivalent to an 800 thread cotton sheet, and research does corroborate this. You get the feeling that it is thin sheet actually, but it feels really durable. There’s really just something about bamboo threads (which get their durability because these are harvested to be longer than cotton threads), that is stretchable and feels that they can last. Versus other bamboo sheets, these are on the lower end of the price spectrum.

I will say something about the hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, and to be upfront, this review will have been written only after two cycles of washing, but it did not get itchy toward the last weeks of use before a wash, which I have experienced in my previous cheap cotton sheets.


Just two issues I have with these sheets. First is how it seems thin visually. Again, it definitely does NOT feel like it can be torn easily (it’s the opposite, as I have described in the pros). But it has a sort of transparency to it.

The second issue, is that the size of these sheets don’t go well with a thick mattress, and the middle of the long sides are pulled up slightly because my mattress is thick.

Though not a big issue, I would have gone for a non-white color if there were a color of this price.


■■■□ Pricier but worth it

Bamboo sheets are a bit on the pricier side, especially compared to cotton, a lot of which you can buy for less than 1000. However, you shouldn’t be comparing these sheets to cheap cotton, which can be rough and warm if you don’t get good ones. If you’re looking to compare it with good cotton sheets, these will be around just ₱200 more. All-in-all I’m pretty satisfied with these sheets.

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