Bed: Learn from my Experience and Check for Good Support


Someone once told me that one should always spend on things that “catch” your body, meaning chairs and beds. Beds more so, because you do spend 1/3 of your day on it. I regret not checking the support of the bed.


This is the queen size wooden bed frame with padded headboard which I bought for ₱8,500. Being queen-sized, it fits mattresses 60" x 75".

Most of the frame is nice dark brown wood with a minimalist design.
The headboard is plywood upholstered with a thin foam and grey soft fabric. The design is minimalist.
Several Wooden slats run from side to side. These are the main support for the mattress.
A wooden beam runs along the middle, and this is supported by 3 legs attached to it through screws.


There are so many bed frames out there, but really quickly here are some:
  • Locally-made metal bed frames can be heavy-duty steel or piped. The piped ones tend to be lighter, but are prone to be bent or broken if allowed to rust. The bed part is a solid, with beams welded to the rectangular frame. As such, it’s a big part to transport. The bed part has supporting legs in the middle which are important with the double and up sizes.
  • Cheaper wooden bed frames available can sometimes be the assembled type, with the main outer frame and legs coming in separate beams that are screwed together. The bed part is supported by several slats connected by a rope or cloth that are just laid on the outer frame and screwed on.
  • Better quality wooden frames have solid beds that are nailed or attached securely. These are harder to transport and are more expensive, but are sturdier.  


It’s a good looking minimalist bed. The dark wood is to my taste, and the outer frame is actually solid and sturdy. The headboard is soft enough (which apparently is also good feng shui).


A small issue is that the headboard is just plywood covered with foam and fabric. However, the real issue is the support of the bed in the middle. This is a very important feature for wider beds. While the slats going side to side are strong enough and don’t really slide about, they do however bow in the middle because the legs supporting the center beam running head to foot slip out. As they slip out, the center beam loses support. This happens as the bed moves about, and you have these thin legs connected only by a single screw. In the middle of the night, if I move and shift the bed, I will feel it as these center legs give way. The first remediation I did was to attach the legs to thicker wood, thereby increasing the volume and surface area in contact with the floor. I also had to attach rubber to the exterior legs so that the bed does not slip against the floor. Both these remediations solved problem, but the overall experience left me deeply unsatisfied with the bed. The previous bed I had when I was renting had a solid bed part, with 9 interior legs arranged as a 3x3 grid pattern in the center: this was just more solid.


□□□□ Not a good buy.
Really this is a lesson for me to check the support when buying the beds, in particular that there are good legs in the center. I bought this bed online and I was not able to check it physically. While it looks good, it is quite unsatisfying. The support is too big of an issue for a bed.


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