Wall-Mounted Dish Rack: Keep Clutter Off Counters

This wall-mounted dish rack is one of the best solutions to take clutter out of kitchen counters.


This 3-tier dishrack costs ₱1,384. 

The wall frame is assembled from 4 bars and 4 included screws. This is the frame that is screwed to the wall. Make is sturdy but light. The vertical bars have the slots that will take in the hooks of the metal racks. This means that you can adjust the space between the first and second, and the second and third. 

I chose the 3 layer version, so it comes with 3 metal racks. Two are plain baskets, and the third is shaped as a dish organizer. Like the frame, they are colored in a nice matte black. These are just hooked into the wall frame. 

These are meant to be hooked on the side: First, a utensil box

A dish or cutting board rack

It also comes with 4 hooks.


There are tons of dish racks out there, so I’ll mainly about classifications

  1. Plastic racks that go on the counter, possibly with enclosures, and/or several layers. These will probably be the cheapest you can find. These take valuable real estate on the counter. Also consider how water drains from these racks.
  2. Racks that are on counter but are shaped to go over the sink. Some of these are adjustable to fin the width of your sink. I used one of these when I had a smaller kitchen, and it saved me counter space.
  3. Racks that go on the wall as in this product. Requires drilling as the epoxy will definitely not hold, and it’s not something you want to risk anyway. As such, you commit a part of your wall.


Very effective in clearing up space in the kitchen. The black matte also looks good, and for some reason, lends an aesthetic to the kitchen because it seems like its own piece and not clutter on the counter. I placed it on top of the sink, so water actually drips down and ultimately flows to the drain perfectly.

The product is a sturdy build, I actually don’t see any drooping of the racks. I have also been able to put large pots on top without any fear of the rack giving way. The 3 layers is more than enough for a whole day’s worth of dishes in my household. Different hooks and racks are available for other things like utensils and big plates: these are much used. Finally, apart from the drilling, it is very easy to assemble.


It has to be said that committing a part of your wall is a big thing. You’ll go through the usual checking if wires are behind the part of the wall you are drilling. And you wouldn’t want to make a mistake about positioning (use a carpenter’s water level to help). The pack comes with epoxy, but again I wouldn’t suggest using this.


■■■■ Pwede na

It's not so bad to commit the space for this wall mounted dish rack because it really does take clutter off the kitchen counter. It's a good build and looks good. There is a lot of space for dishes and includes a lot of hooks, a utensil box, and a dish/ chopping board rack. Definitely a good buy.

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